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Canadian Medical Systems (CMS) is a leading medical manufacturing firm that provides a range of medical-grade devices and technology designed to meet the growing public and private sector demand for COVID-19 solutions. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with distributors and representatives in the U.S. and United Arab Emirates (UAE) respectively, CMS welcomes government agencies, private corporations, and innovators to join together in the global effort to develop new products and solutions for a better world.


Canadian Medical Systems (CMS) only offers products that are proprietary of CMS where it holds a patent and / or a patent pending status in the U.S. and Canada. As such, no third party(s) offering similar products have been licenced by CMS unless duly named on our website.

In certain cases, CMS accepts master distribution licencing of products that are focused on helping Canadians in times of crisis. Currently, this is limited to the Mutual Supply and Distribution Agreement with the Advanced Biocide Technologies of the United States. 

Study and research has shown that approximately 20% of virus transmissions and disease are contracted through external factors*, and CMS’ solutions are tailored to mitigate the risk of external transmission where people are most vulnerable. Some of CMS’ immediately available products to help mitigate these risks are as follows:

Some of CMS’ immediately available products to help mitigate these risks are as follows:

CMS V-MONITOR 100-i / 101-i (Admission Kiosk, Thermal Camera)

Canadian Medical System’s developed and patent pending (U.S. and Canada) temperature screening kiosk includes software that CMS developed in-house, capable of:


1) Elevated body temperature detection (fever detection);

2) Face-mask detection;

3) Facial recognition;

4) Access control that is compatible with majority of electric doors and turnstiles;

5) RFID card reader system;

6) Barcode reader (optional);


7) Capacity control capable of limiting the number of visitors on the premises (optional).

BIOTAB7 – Hospital Grade disinfectant

CMS leverages the latest advancements in chemistry, including patented technology by Advanced Biocide technologies of the U.S. BIOTAB7 is a hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses, and has a registered COVID-19 kill time of 60 seconds, is extremely fast acting and safe for external use on all surfaces.

It is also food-contact safe and a revolution in disinfectant logistics and warehousing due to its compact solid nature (one kilogram of BIOTAB7 tablets dissolved in water can generate 200 liters of Hospital Grade disinfectant or 500 liters of General Grade disinfectant).

Overall, the product is safer than chlorine, quats, and hydrogen peroxide, in addition to being non-carcinogenic without generating trihalomethanes (THM), haloacetic acids (HAA), organic absorbable halides (AOX), or other toxic by-products.

Please contact the Canadian Medical Systems via email at info@CanadianMedicalSys.com for more information.

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