CMS is a leading research, design, development and engineering firm of medical devices and related software/hardware that provides a range of medical-grade devices and technology designed to meet the growing public and private sector demand for COVID-19 solutions and beyond.  Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with distributors and representatives in the United States of America (USA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE) respectively, CMS welcomes government agencies, private corporations, and innovators to collaborate in the global effort to develop new products and solutions for a better and safer world.

CMS exclusively offers products and services that are proprietary to CMS whereby it holds patents and/or patent pending status in the U.S. and Canada. As such, no other entities are lawfully entitled to offer similar products that have been licensed by CMS unless duly authorized to do so and publicly displayed on our website, which shall vary from time to time.

In fact, CMS works closely with authorized entities to ensure compliance with the official CMS CERTIFICATION SEAL, which denotes that particular goods/services being used and/or procured in a licensee facility meet a defined standard as set by CMS in relations to the research, design, development and engineering in the field of medical devices and software, including but not limited to the creation, design, installation, implementation and maintenance thereof.  The licensees must be approved by CMS pursuant to defined criteria or standards set by CMS and the licensees are further subject to monitoring on a continuing annual basis by CMS or its authorized representatives/agents/partners/compliance officers to ensure that such standards are met.

Moreover, CMS accepts master distribution licensing of products that are focused on helping Canadians in times of crisis. Currently, this is limited to the Mutual Supply and Distribution Agreement with the Advanced Biocide Technologies Inc. based out of the USA. If you are interested in becoming a becoming a CMS partner, affiliate or licensee please contact

During these uncertain times when organizations around the world are scrambling to find the best solutions to keep employees and visitors safe, CMS initiatives and strategies to go “above and beyond” all government stated protocols. Click here to view the Particulars of the Government of Canada’s certification and related protocols, found at the Canadian Intellectual Property offices:

Vision and Mission



High ethical criterion directs the work-processes of CMS to ensure the delivered systems and technologies adhere to superior manufacturing practices and the highest quality industrial standards in relation to the design and development of medical devices together with the creation, implementation, installation, maintenance and updating of medical devices and medical software/hardware. As a CMS Compliance Officer, they bring the highest integrity to the role to confidence in the end-user and the community at large.


Compassion drives CMS. To end suffering, prevent pain and offer hope during these unforeseen times is the ultimate goal of CMS. CMS identifies problems from the public’s point of view and embraces the same to seek lasting solutions in a timely manner. A CMS Compliance Officer must examine both sides of the equation. To ensure safety, adherence and full compliance is the focus of our approach.  The goal of CMS is to mitigate risk in every scenario and go above and beyond the simple mandate and strive to reach the best in every situation for CMS and all clients.


CMS’ mission to assist all levels of government and private sector organizations in their journey to create better safety and health solutions through comprehensive mitigation strategies. By defining protocols that not only adhere to but exceed existing public health policies to enhance their internal health and safety guidelines, CMS Compliance Officers also assist in educating organizations in their respective paths with the implementation of CMS’s authorized certification process.

Code of Ethics

In these extraordinary times when ethical decision-making is being confounded by COVID-19, CMS Compliance Officers must be cognizant of the fact that they are making ethical decisions every time they step into a facility.

The following guidelines help ensure a uniform standard of excellence throughout CMS. Every CMS Compliance Officer is expected to practice the following ethical behaviour when acting in the name of the company:

  1. Be respectful of every person while conducting CMS related business, whether in sales, audit, inspection or certification;
  2. At all times, conduct business in an ethical, moral, legal, and financially sound manner;
  3. Not to engage in activities that would bring disrepute to CMS, any other CMS Compliance Officer, or any other corporate officer or employee;
  4. Not to make discouraging or disparaging claims towards CMS and to ensure that in all CMS business dealings to refrain from engaging in negative and slanderous statements towards CMS; and
  5. Abide by all of CMS’ Policies & Procedures now and as they may be amended in the future

Real-time Field Monitoring & Support

CMS employs a variety of real-time field monitoring methodologies and technologies that will allow to track and support its CMS Compliance Officers in the field. This protocol allows CMS to provide the necessary support to identify deficiencies and also provides an opportunity for CMS Compliance Officers to discharge their duties in an effective manner.

Target Segments

CMS’ Proprietary Technologies and Processes

While it may appear that there are rival traders in the industry selling comparable products and services, rest assured that CMS is the exclusive rightful owner of its products, namely:

  1. CMS V-TUNNEL 100-i, CMS V-TUNNEL 200-i, CMS V-GATE – Patent entitled “APPARATUS FOR A DISINFECTING MIST TUNNEL AND METHOD THEREOF” practices technology related to a disinfecting tunnel, and more particularly to an apparatus for a disinfecting mist tunnel that comprising a plurality of mechanisms for disinfecting a subject passing through the tunnel using hardware processors; and
  2. CMS V-MONITOR 100-i /101-i – Patent which entitled “AUTOMATED IMAGING APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREOF” practices technology related to any apparatus configured with a camera to validate the identity of a subject together with thermal imaging and body temperatures and further utilizing a radio frequency identification sensor which is configured to determine blood oxygen levels, among other things, to generate one or more alerts based on a comparison of predefined data.

CMS will use every legal avenue necessary to stop all unlawful activities in the marketplace with respect to infringement of its products and will endeavour to recover the damages it has suffered as a result. If you encounter an infringing product in the marketplace, Please immediately notify


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