IOT to Streamline COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution


Use of GPS, RFID, and Temperature Sensors to ensure all strict supply chain requirements are met.




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COVID-19 Vaccine Logistics Chain Reliability and Compliance​


With such cold chain requirements, nothing is more important than real-time monitoring and alerting. This ensures the temperature requirements are met throughout the supply chain. To avoid waste, this makes sure that at the me of usage, the medical facilities can apply First IN, First OUT (FIFO).

–70°C for up to 6 Months

After thawing, the vaccine can be refrigerated between
2 to 8 °C for 5 days

–20° for up to 6 Months

After thawing, the vaccine can be refrigerated between
2 to 8 °C for 30 days


Key Components

Smart Dry ICE Box


Precise Data Logger
Monitor the location with
GSM/ Wifi Update

Embedded RFID Tag
Unique identifier for each box with more than 5m reading range.

Fully Isolated
Isolation following Pfizer guidelines

Electronic Seal
Electronic Seal will log each time the box was opened and the duration

Precise Temperature Sensors
RFID for real-time visibility
IOT Platform with real-time data analytics and Dynamic rule engine

Components Distribution

Proposed Solution for Local Vaccine Distribution (pt. 1)​


  • As tags are taken out of the supplier Packing an RFID label is attached to the Pizza Trays.
  • An RFID handheld with scan function is used for a quick tag association. This can be done via scan-print function as well.
  • This scans the QR code on the tray. All the product details appear on the screen and the user will then scan the RFID tag and stick the tag to the box.
  • The unique RFID tag number is then pushed to the back end with all product details.

Tag Association

Packing in SMART BOX

Proposed Solution for Local Vaccine Distribution​ (pt. 2)


  • An order list is send to the handheld.
  • The software creats a pick list based on production date data as well as the time received to apply FIFO.
  • We scan the RFID tag on the smart BOX and assign the trays to the box.
  • Once the items are placed in the box an electronic seal is used to ensure we log when the box was opened.
  • All times and dates are pushed to the IOT platform.

Secure Data Flow


  • The Trucks are equipped with an IOT gateway with a Bluetooth receiver that communicates with the data logger. It collects the data and pushes the data along with its own GPS location to our IOT platform.
  • To any temperature fluctuation beyond the limit, an alert will be sent to the server.
  • The solution provides a real time inventory of the boxes when they were loaded and unloaded with historical data.

Thawing / Storage and Usage


Scan Vaccine Code
The L10 is equipped with the 2D scanner we scan the Vail ID. Do a temperature check and all the details of the vaccine appears on the list.

Scan ID
Scan the ID of the recipient using the smart Card scanner on the L10. We can scan Passports and other IDs.

Issue Passport
Scan the Passport ID –QR code, NFC and Smart card and issue the vaccine with the date of the vaccine.

Item-Chain Platform Layers


Business Value

Smart Applications


Retail Operations, Supply Chain, Global Item Chain Management


Items, People and Processes

Item-Level Product Movements, Automation, Tasks, Smart Events


Fast Data and Big Data

Data Analysis


Analytics & Reporting Feature Extraction, Machine Learning


Data Ingestion

Complex Event Processing Rules 



Cloud Infrastructure


High Availability, PaaS, Containers



Connectivity and Edge Computing


M2M, Machine Vision, Integration, Blockchain and Smart Contracts





Devices, Sensors, Low-Level Events

RAK Ceramics Back End Infrastructure

IOT Platform Scalability

Distributed Scaling & Failover Strategies by Layer


Web Services

Load Balanced Sessions


SQL Tenant Configurations

Replication Clusters w/ SQL DBs


NoSQL Timeseries

Replication Clusters w/ NoSQL DBs


Stream Processing & CEP

Clustered Vilix Functions & CEP Rules


Distributed Messaging

Clustered Broker & Stream Applications


Business Connectors

Clustered loT Brokers

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